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Thoroughbred Highlight - December 2018

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Thoroughbred Bloodlines a Work of Art

Inspired by the research and hand written compilations of Thoroughbred Lines by Geoffrey Skeete in Barbados, Rodney Jones spent nearly a year compiling his own finished work of the Bloodlines of Champion Thoroughbreds.

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Shirley and her Beau

I am not exactly sure what I was expecting last July when my daughter and I drove to visit Shirley Prosser and her 31 year-old Thoroughbred Beau Fasa.  Having met Shirley on a few occasions I already knew that she defied stereotypes and was not your typical 82 year old senior.  However I had visualized Beau Fasa to be typical of what older horses generally look like. I was certain that he would possess a sway back and would walk with a careful, measured stride.  Was I ever wrong.

Set loose in a paddock at Shirley’s Box Arrow Farm, the Multiple Graded Stakes winning retiree looked race ready as he ran towards me, no doubt curious to know my intent of capturing him in his senior glory.  Strutting along the fence-line I was given a glimpse of the fabulous runner he once was on the racetrack completely shattering my earlier vision of him.

Upon hearing the news that Beau Fasa peacefully passed away in late February I am thankful that we had the pleasure of meeting him last summer.

March 2, 2018

New Beginnings for George Ledson

After spending a few hours with George Ledson the take away message that he wanted me to have was that he is someone who just does his thing and no one really knows what he does.  I couldn’t help but be amazed at how humble a man, considering the evidence of accomplishment and philanthropy that adorn the walls of his home and stables.

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From the people that brought you The Game Thoroughbred Community Newspaper, we are pleased to be back bringing you all the stories and profiles that you loved in The Game.  Thoroughbred Highlight will focus on all that is interesting and exciting in Thoroughbred Racing in Canada.

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