Thoroughbred Highlight March 2019

Thoroughbred Highlight - March 2019

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A crazy passion that won't let her do anything else

It started with crayons. 

Linda still has the drawing. 

Age 4 in Montreal where she was born, horses, flowers, and the sun were the subjects of her elemental passion for drawing and painting.

Self professed as horse crazy, artist Linda Shantz did not have the usual physical exposure to horses at an early age as most counterparts who claim the same addiction.  Living in Brampton, Ontario by the age of 6 her mother had begun reading to Linda books by Marguerite Henry; Black Gold, King of the Wind as well as Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series of books thus further fuelling her passion for horses.

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Spiritual Connection brings Cruz to loving home

Theresa Maclean knew that something was going to happen.  Her late husband David was coming to her in dreams.  But she didn’t know why.

David Maclean, a thoroughbred racehorse trainer for more than 30 years, passed away at age 49 in August 2007 survived by Theresa (Tess) and their two teenage sons.

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Welcome to Thoroughbred Highlight

From the people that brought you The Game Thoroughbred Community Newspaper, we are pleased to be back bringing you all the stories and profiles that you loved in The Game.  Thoroughbred Highlight will focus on all that is interesting and exciting in Thoroughbred Racing in Canada.

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