A Spirit Horse for Sumerian Bell

Last Saturday you may have noticed a colourful, sparkling medallion hanging from the neck of trainer Harold Ladouceur as he entered the paddock with Sumerian Bell for the running of the Greenwood Stakes at Woodbine.

When the original race he had entered did not fill, the now seven-year owned by Harold’s wife Jessie, was instead supplemented to run in the Stakes for Ontario-breds carded for the same day.

The Spirit Horse medallion was given to Harold by his wife and their two children, 13 year-old Jacob and eight year-old Sarah. The beautiful hand beaded medallion is a Father’s Day gift which was given early so he could wear it for the Stakes event, an occasion which ultimately wouldn’t happen that day.

The Spirit Horse medallion was hand sewn and hand beaded by Lynn Pinnance
in Northern Ontario

Harold, a native Metis from Alberta, draws on his ancestral origins in many aspects of his life and the Spirit Horse, representing physical and inner strength and a driving force in life, was worn that day for luck.

However a lightening storm rolled in as the field were nearing the starting gate which ultimately caused the cancellation of the feature race shortly after the horses and riders took cover in the old trackside standardbred paddock.

The $125,000 Greenwood Stakes was re-carded as race 3 for this coming Saturday, June 1 at Woodbine with an approximate post time 2:12pm.

Harold plans to wear his medallion once again this Saturday hoping that the power will flow for a successful outcome for Sumerian Bell…..and for the weather to cooperate this time too.

Jessie ordered these hand beaded poppies made by Lynn for remembrance day last November. The red are in honour of the soldiers and the purple in honour of the war horses
Hand beaded moccasins…..
……and a hand beaded wallet both made by Harold’s niece in Alberta

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